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Designed for 9-14 year olds, Pico's self-paced platform teaches kids coding by building their favorite games

What will kids learn with Pico
Our platform ensures kids can start learning immediately, regardless of their experience levels
Why do our learners love us
We empower kids to become the creators of tomorrow

Hands-on game building

Pico goes beyond simple drag-and-drop block coding by immersing kids in a real programming environment.

Our philosophy centers on learning by doing, enabling learners to develop real skills in crafting their very own games.

Hands-on game building
Interaction-based learning

Interaction-based learning

We've structured the learner's journey around five interactions: read, follow-along, quiz, challenge, and play.

This carefully curated sequence provides clear guidance to learners through increasingly challenging steps, gradually improving their understanding.

Real-time feedback

Meet PicoBot, your dedicated AI learning companion. PicoBot actively engages with learners, offering real-time feedback on their code.

With PicoBot's guidance, learners can iterate and improve their code, transforming every mistake into a valuable learning opportunity.

Real-time feedback from AI companion PicoBot
Personalized learning journey

Personalized learning paths

At Pico, we understand that every learner is unique. That's why we empower each child to craft their own personalized learning journey.

By tailoring the path to the learner's interests, pace, and skill level, we make learning deeply fulfilling.

Meet our games
Pico has designed a fun curriculum to keep learners engaged and motivated through building games
Jumper ID
Modify variables
Pico curriculum fireworks
Create variables
Pico curriculum shield
Pico curriculum planets
Pico curriculum tangram
Pico curriculum Picasso
If statements
Pico curriculum kaleidoscope
Modify variables
Pico curriculum whack
Create variables
Pico curriculum paddles
Pico curriculum crossing
Pico curriculum crossing
Pico curriculum crossing
If statements
What do parents think of Pico?
Other parents love Pico! Why not give it a try?
Parent photo
Father of 13-year-old
Pico could be the best way of introducing JavaScript to a kid, which is one of the most (if not the most) popular languages as of 2023. If your kid has interest in computer science, this would be a great exposure to real life programming, but still in a very kids friendly environment. My son liked the course a lot and was impatiently waiting for every class in this course. He was very proud to show me a working computer game project that he completed on the last day of the course.
Parent photo
Mother of 10-year-old
My child is new to coding and learned so much in just 1 hour. He showed me what he's able to create with the Pico platform they used in class and it was really cool! Wish I had something like this when I was growing up. We would definitely look to continue using the Pico platform so he can continue developing his coding skills.
Parent photo
Father of 11-year-old
My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed Pico. She's 11 and started the course with no experience in any kind of programming. Pico managed to keep her interested in the program by making the course fun by introducing tasks like creating games, programmatically drawing different shapes and colours, etc. My daughter now has a good grasp of basic concepts such as variables, functions and if-else statements. She'll be able to continue to more advanced topics now. Highly recommend Pico!
Our Partners
Pico is proudly supported by some of the world’s largest organisations
Meet the Founders
Pico is created with passion and care by Abbie and Schuman
Founder pic
CEO and Co-Founder
Meet Abbie, a former growth investor and investment banker who has had a front-row seat to the tech skills shortage in our economy. Abbie firmly believes in the game-changing power of education and sees Pico as a crucial piece of the puzzle in preparing kids for today's fast-paced world. She is on a mission to create a future where every kid has the skills they need to thrive in a world powered by technology.
Founder pic
CTO and Co-Founder
Meet Schuman, a self-taught engineer who deeply understands how tough it can be for beginners to dive into the world of technology. Recognising the crucial role technology plays in a child's future, Schuman has created Pico as a fun way for kids to understand technology through game building. He's determined to empower young minds with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow's world.
We are Pico
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